Puppies Guarantee

It is the buyers sole responsibility to complete our contract/sales agreement. By not signing and returning our contract deems the puppy purchased to be sold as is without health guarantee or warranty. All contracts must be returned to us via email before shipping.

  1. Our puppies are offered with a 48 hour guarantee for illness/virus which the puppy does require vet check upon arrival to the new owner with 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays). All puppies purchased from Seller are required to see a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of arrival to their new homes. Our guarantee is noil/void if you make a claim without the initial vet exam within 24 hours as stated in our contract. You can email your claim and initial vet exam to;
  2. Parasites are not covered in our guarantee as they are common in all puppies. We do treat for parasites but there is always a possibility for reinfection being around other puppies, thereon You must respect the transportation Company guidelines of transporting your pet. If our Transportation kennel do not meet up with the shipping company standard due to change of Weather, You will need to Hire a Kennel from the Pet Shipping Company for Secure and Safe Transportation of your puppy at a minimum cost.
  3. We do offer a 1 year warranty for puppies for life threatening, congenital defects including and limited to heart defects included Scale 4 or above and any organ dysfunction and this does not include any treatable disorder including and not limited to luxating patella. We do not cover for hernias or open fontanel.
  4. Our puppies are vet checked before their arrival to their new Home and are inspected by Aphis and Customs. If you do require an additional vet check for your puppy we will be glad to do at your expense.
  5. In any event your puppy develops an illness or untreatable, life-threatening defect we will offer you another puppy of the same sex, breed and quality for which you paid. You will be responsible for the delivery fees only for your new puppy. When making a claim we require you sent us a copy of your initial vet exam and any finding upon that initial exam.
  6. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is not covered under our health guarantee warranty. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a common ailment with teacup puppies and is preventable by feeding your teacup puppy properly and management.